Celebrate the magic of black girls everywhere in this heart-warming ode to bravery, kindness, and acceptance from breakout author Lex Kim Hill.


Mimi is a beautiful, brown-skinned girl with big hair and a big heart. But her family lives in a place where color of any kind is not allowed, and Mimi’s skin, bright personality, and vivid view of the world means she doesn’t have many friends.

One day, Mimi comes across a unicorn who is bullied for being different. When she uses her voice to protect and speak up for her new friend, she becomes a brave hero who teaches an entire city the importance of acceptance, respect, and love.

Through playful rhymes and pictures that leap from the page, Mimi and the Last Black Unicorn & The City With No Color is a story of a girl who was born to remind the world of the beauty of brown skin. Mimi teaches children how to be more kind, to stand up for each other, and to celebrate skin of all shades —even when it’s unpopular and against the rules.

Loving and empowering, this book will give parents, educators, counselors, and caregivers a tool to teach children powerful lessons on:

●Embracing and respecting each other’s differences
●Self-love and confidence
●The importance of always being powerful and brave

Together, we can change the conversation and turbulent climate of this country that wants us to believe our differences should divide us. Connection, love, and humanity are beckoning us back—let’s help our children lead the way.

Mimi and The Last Black Unicorn - EBook